On May 5th, our #GivingTuesdayNow rally for Acton and Boxborough residents in need was a big success! We received an even 100 donations, raising a total of $24,650, including the generous $15,000 match by the Orange Door Fund. Thanks to this boost by our caring community, our COVID-19 Impact Fund has reached and surpassed the $175,000 mark in less than two months!

A-B United Way is working closely with our town social workers to provide emergency grants to hard-hit residents and households. We are grateful for the support and solidarity of our community in helping us raise such a large sum in a short period of time. An initial matching pledge in March inspired generosity, and the good will continues to spread, from individual donors to national businesses, families, and entrepreneurs who share their profits with us. As a community, we are growing stronger during this pandemic.

It will take all of us to get through this unprecedented crisis. We expect it will hit one in five families in Acton and Boxborough very hard. You can help by supporting the Fund, or as a volunteer or advocate. If you know someone in need, please encourage them to contact the town social worker or check out abuw.org.