Community Conversation. Life Interrupted. Resources for Parents and Caregivers of Adolescents

Zoom event took place Sunday, June 28 2020

Thanks to everybody who participated in the “Community Conversation: Life Interrupted” virtual panel event on Sunday, June 28. We hope everybody came away with practical advice and calming comfort. The event was a virtual conversation around the theme of Life Interrupted. How can we support each other in coping with the mental health stresses and uncertainties during the global pandemic? The first event of this new series was geared towards parents, to help them cope with adolescents.

Our panelists, Deborah Garfield, Dr. John Glazer, and Dr. Steven Michelson, shared helpful resources that we combined into one document, titled Life Interrupted: Resource Document for Parents and Caregivers on Supporting Adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Feel free to share the document.

This is the first of a series of community conversations, each geared toward helping a different category of residents cope with the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic. Examples of possible future target audiences include seniors and their caregivers, and parents of young children.

One of our panelists, Dr. Steven Michelson, wanted to share with you these caring and hopeful words, adapted from the final pages of a children’s book, Be You, by Peter Reynolds:

  • Be Safe - wear masks, wash your hands thoroughly, maintain proper social distance and avoid crowds.
  • Be Brave - take risks to approach life differently; Life interrupted is an experiment. Your efforts may not work out the first trial but you may learn from the efforts. In essence, be a good scientist.
  • Be Wise - there is information, knowledge, and emotional wisdom which we can both impart to and learn from our families.
  • Be Kind - connect, be empathic and care for others because acts of kindness build resilience.

Good luck! Be all of the above and more!

The Acton-Boxborough United Way, Danny’s Place and Acton Congregational Church Team